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What is a valid XML element name?

by Rob Levine on 5-Mar-2008

Ayende Rahien has noted some peculiar looking XML that is output by Subversion.

Specifically, he takes issue with a start tag of


Well – I can honestly say that I’ve never seen XML like this before (and I’ve been using XML since the late Cretaceous Period) but I’m not so sure that it is actually wrong! Although I too balk at the sight of it, the XML RFC does seem to permit this as valid and parsable XML.
Taking a look at section on start tags would appear to allow for this:

A start tag is defined by

STag ::= ‘<‘ Name (S Attribute)* S? ‘>’

where Name is defined as

Name ::= (Letter | ‘_’ | ‘:’) (NameChar)*

and NameChar is defined as

NameChar ::= Letter | Digit | ‘.’ | ‘-‘ | ‘_’ | ‘:’ | CombiningChar | Extender

What this says to me is that this is an allowable start tag. In fact, from a syntactical standpoint, there seems to be no limit to the use of colons in element names.

However, the RFC does also have this to say about the use of colons:

“The Namespaces in XML Recommendation [XML Names] assigns a meaning to names containing colon characters. Therefore, authors should not use the colon in XML names except for namespace purposes, but XML processors must accept the colon as a name character.”

In other words – other parts of related XML specifications reserve the colon, but from a purely XML markup standpoint this would appear to be valid.

It may be a WTF, and it certainly isn’t nice but I think it is actually valid and is not “wrong, period” (as claimed), just “wrong, it makes me feel weird“!

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