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ConfigGen – .NET Configuration File Generator

by Rob Levine on 30-Jun-2010

After a week and a half off work and on holiday, which consisted of me working solidly on my new pet project, I am pleased to announce the first (alpha) release of ConfigGen – .NET Configuration File Generator.

ConfigGen is a .Net configuration file generation tool, and it is intended to make the .Net developer’s life easier. Much easier, if my experience of how some dev teams go about managing their configuration files is anything to go by! I’ve written various forms of this tool at several different places, all to tackle the same basic problem of having to manage loads of different configuration files for different machines and environments. This version on CodePlex is completely new, started from scratch, with no code borrowed or copied. Hopefully it is all the better for it!

It is a pretty simple tool; no rocket science was necessary. Basically, you maintain an xml template and a settings spreadsheet. The template looks pretty much like your existing configuration file, except that values that are different between machines/environments are tokenised. The settings spreadsheet has a list of all the tokens across the top, and all the machines/environments requiring their own config down the left hand side. Predictably enough, ConfigGen generates one configuration file for each row in the spreadsheet, replacing the tokens with their spreadsheet values as it goes. Additionally, it allows the structure of the configuration file to be changed, depending on the value of these settings in the spreadsheet.

This release is an early alpha version, but have a look and let me know what you think. So please, head over to the project’s CodePlex page and hopefully save yourself the frustration of discovering your config files are out of sync on your next push to your production environment!

Check it out at:

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