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Backing up VMs in VMWare ESXi 3.5

by Rob Levine on 30-Apr-2010

I’m a massive fan of VMWare products. I use the excellent VMWare workstation for most of my development on the desktop, and I use VMWare ESXi (3.5) for hosting my virtual servers. VMWare ESXi is a truly fantastic product, and it is free, but with this free version you are limited in the management toolset […]

Imaging a hard disk over the network

by Rob Levine on 19-Apr-2010

Yesterday I found myself in need of a way to take a hard disk image over the network; that is to image the entire hard disk to a remote Windows share. It’s not a particularly complex operation, but it is nevertheless useful, so I thought I’d jot down the steps here. In my case, the […]