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Unity does not respect HierarchicalLifetimeManager when manually registering UnityServiceLocator with the container

by Rob Levine on 15-Mar-2013

I’ve been trying to phase out some usage of the static ServiceLocator pattern in our codebase. There are many reasons not to like this, which I won’t go into here: 1 var foo = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance();var foo = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance(); In order to try and make the changes in small incremental steps, my first plan was to […]

Implementing a simple hashing algorithm

by Rob Levine on 14-Mar-2008

In my last blog article I outlined a gotcha whereby a developer overrides .Equals() without providing a similarly meaningful override to .GetHashCode(). I gave a description, and illustration, of why it is so important to ensure that the same fields are considered for the two methods. In this article I discuss a simple strategy for […]

A cache key with a bad GetHashCode() is another name for a memory leak

by Rob Levine on 7-Mar-2008

[With apologies to Raymond Chen for the title] .GetHashCode() – the method exists on every single object you create; and yet I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of developers neither know much about it, nor care about it. It is almost as though it is considered of no consequence. Hash codes are not […]